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ACNE / Pimples

 Acne/Pimples is the most common reason for a visit to a Dermatologist. Despite a variety of creams and antibiotics, stubborn acne and cystic acne tend to persist. Whereas acne is temporary, scars are permanent. Such acne and acne scars are responsible for poor self-esteem.

The IPL Machine targets the sebaceous glands (oil glands) in the middle of the dermis and renders them dysfunctional because of the generation of heat. The same mechanism also tightens the collagen in the area and thereby improves the firmness of the skin and leads to closure of open pores.

Numbers of sessions are required for Acne/Acne scar depending on the type and scar of the Acne/pimples.
Additional Glycolic acid & Salicylic acid peels are done at fortnightly intervals in between the laser sessions to further enhance the effect of acne laser programme.

Skin chemical peeling
Combination of personalized medical treatment and monthly skin peeling sessions within 6 months take care of active acne and red brown acne pigmentation. Very bad and severe acne may require skin peeling sessions at every two to three weeks' interval for first 3 months and monthly skin peeling sessions for another 3 months. This protocol aims at not only clearance of existing acne, but also prevention of future recurrences. After initial 6 months' clearance phase, a follow up visit once in 3 months for surveillance is advised.
Acne scars / Acne Spots
Our protocol aims at correction of acne scars. Once these active acne are controlled with skin peeling protocol, it can be introduced as early as within 3 months after skin peeling. This involves a unique cocktail protocol combining Ultra pulse, Deep FX / Scaar FX laser, Skin transportation, subcision collagenesis, RF transdermal collagenesis, fractional QSwitched laser, pigment equalization in addition to laser scar shouldering technique and other acne scar revision techniques.

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